An Unhealthy America

In the groundbreaking 2007 study "An Unhealthy America: The Economic Impact of Chronic Disease," the Milken Institute details the enormous financial impact of chronic disease on treatment costs and lost worker productivity in the U.S. at the time and in future decades. It also describes the huge savings if a serious effort were made to improve Americans' health.     » View Full Report    


Checkup Time

In 2014, the Milken Institute published "Checkup Time: Chronic Disease and Wellness in America." This follow-up uses the same methodology as the 2007 report to measure what progress has been made. There's good news on some fronts - smoking cessation has lowered the prevalence of heart disease, for example - but the overall outlook remains dire.     » View Full Report    


United States

Over 162 million cases of seven common chronic diseases cancers, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, mental disorders, and pulmonary conditions were reported in The United States in 2003. These conditions shorten lives, reduce quality of life, and create considerable burden for caregivers. The following map shows how states compare based on the prevalence of the seven common chronic diseases.

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Reported Cases of Common Chronic Diseases 2003
Millions (As percent of population)
Cancers: 10.6 (3.6%)
Diabetes: 13.7 (4.7%)
Heart Disease: 19.1 (6.6%)
Hypertension: 36.8 (12.6%)
Stroke: 2.4 (0.8%)
Mental Disorders: 30.3 (10.4%)
Pulmonary Conditions: 49.2 (16.9%)
Total Reported Cases: 162.2 (55.8%)

United States Economic Impact 2003
(Annual Costs in billions)
Treatment Expenditures: $277.0B
Lost Productivity: $1,046.7B
Total Costs: $1,323.7B
Milken Institute Chronic Disease Index
Projected Annual Costs 2023
$790.1B $572.4B $217.6B (27.6%)
$3,363.0B $2,458.0B $905.1B (26.9%)
Total $4,130.0B $2,996.7B $1,133.3B (27.4%)
Real GDP in 2050
(In billions, 2003 dollars)
Current Course: $32,229.2B
Alternative Future: $37,897.5B
Potential Gain in GDP: $5,668.4B (17.6%)
Milken Institute
Milken Institute analysis based on MEPS, NHIS, etc.
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